Bonneville 650 rt

Bonneville 650 rt

Recent work for a client, t shirt design for his Triumph restoration shop.


Legend of Zelda Again


Did this for Denver Comic Con, let me know what you think!

Dallas Take 2

This is Dallas again for Microbrew Studios. Things to fix before inks? I think her breasts get larger every time i draw her. 




Art © Hamza Pecenkovic

Dallas © Microbrew Studios 



Dr Who Bday!

It is my friend Devin’s birthday today and I did this for her on a card, so it’s a bit smallish. Enjoy Devin, happy birthday! It took me like an hr to try and figure out that Tardis sound.

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Alright, this one is really random. The first appearance of a new character, my little sister Lejla! She’s the raddest. Also, she has many tattoos, so many I decided not to draw any. Haha! This is also the first appearance of my new apartment building. Also, my walls are actually gray. Haha. Oh and the first time using copics for a gray tone effect. What do you guys think? Stick with it? Choose a different color to use? Darker maybe? I got a little lazy on that last panel, sorry Lejla. Thanks! Art and material © Hamza Pecenkovic and Nerve Roots Productions.

Jupiter Jack Continued!

In this installment Jack fights the Space Crab thing and is helped by an old nemesis! Stay here for more! Add your e mail to our mailing list and you will get updates when I publish new posts! This one is a bit lazy…

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The Mummy for Timberline

Hey friends. So, over at the Timberline Draw Blog our theme this week happened to be the original Universal Monsters. So I did the Mummy, I think he is one of them. Didn’t really research it much. Haaha! Here he is in all his spooky glory. Had so much fun with this!ImageImageImage

The Drink and Draw

So, I hold a Drink and Draw at a bar in town called 3 Kings Tavern (Thanks Jim!) Great beer. This past Tuesday was kind of lonely, but I drew this. 🙂 This is also over at the Timberline Draw Blog, check those bad ass mother truckers out. I was late, again. Really need to fix that.


Didn’t want to leave all day without a post, so here is a work in progress for Micro Brew Comics of their book Dallas McCoy, not sure if this will end up being the final image, but it was commissioned by them so if they don’t like it I will just have to do another couple. You can find Dallas at that link. If you scroll far down enough you will see one of my other illustrations on their page. I’ve also added that one to the mix here. That last image, the short was done a long time ago for a test to see if I could do some pages for these guys. Hopefully within a couple weeks I’ll have those to show you. They were really fun to draw. I didn’t want to spoil the whole comic feel of the blog so I had to post this test page that’s so old! A few tweaks still needed on that WIP of the close crop. 

Legend of Zelda

A couple requested images. Legend of Zelda is © to Nintendo? I don’t know. Young Link and, normal Link? Old Link? What? Not comics, but really fun to draw. Please tell me what you think. 

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